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The Angel... ::South Park::
Kenny tapped the dirty window with the tip of his fingers while he stared outside and listened to the sound of the falling rain. It was almost dark now, even though it was no more then late noon. Only a faint tinge of red in the sky hinted that there was a sun behind the Colorado mountains.
He let out a sigh and walked away from the somewhat shattered window, and carefully slid himself onto his bed, making sure not to disturb anyone. He laughed a little as he stared at his bed; yeah, what a bed... more like a pile of old, dirty, used mattresses, accompanied by a stained old pillow. Well what to do? His family was very poor, and his father, Stuart, was just a drunken asshole incapable of keeping as much as one lousy job.
He turned upwards and faced the ceiling, and gazed into the cracks. His room was, as usual, covered with posters of bikini-clad women, but none of these caught his attention, because at that moment, his mind was elsewhere. He slowly and softly whistled a tune to himself
:iconlombnut:lombnut 110 424
yet another zombie :icon5bethr5:5bethr5 1 0


so awesome, the picture is amazing. everything is so perfect about this picture. I love how you made this look so realistic. :D I mean, ...



    Shadow woke up and looked at his alarm clock. He was up early. He knew what had to happen, today was the day that he would escape to earth. Maria was already downstairs making breakfast when she spotted Shadow.
"Hello Shadow, hungry?"
"Of course," Shadow responded.  He wanted to tell Maria, he just wanted to but he couldn't bring himself to. 'Is this what love is? ' he asked himself. Maria handed him a plate of waffles.
"Thank you. Maria, I- I want to tell you something, I-I really-" Shadow was interrupted as G.U.N burst through the door.
"Run!" Maria yelled as she grabbed my hand to escape. This couldn't be true, G.U.N couldn't have found out that I was gonna escape. There's just no way.
~Present Day~
    "Shadow? Are you okay?" Amy asked. I nodded. I just can't forget about that day. The day that scarred my entire life.
"Daydreaming again? Ugh, and Sonic wanted to meet you behind the old theater at Moonsake Avenue."
"I don't know, he said it was important though," she hesitates. I know she's housing something. She's the best of friends you can ask for. She reminds me of Maria. The one I could've saved of I didn't panic. There I went again, daydreaming away. I need to go to therapy.  
~With Sonic~
    ((I don't know how to tell him! I'm not good with relationships like this.))
Rogue responds with helpful advice though. ((Just break it down to him nice and smooth, don't just rosh in like you did with Sally))
((Why are you telling me about Sally now? You know I still hate her after finding out she cheated on me with.... nvm))
Shadow walks up to Sonic with a smile.
    "Enjoying the new phone?" He asked. I chuckle. I knew what I was gonna tell him. I knew how I was gonna say it. I just needed to find the best time to say it.


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I joined deviantart to be able to show my artwork and to inspire me for new drawings. I am a video game freak and I love spending time with my family and friends.
Follow me on Twitter: @arhall0185
My YouTube: Alesia Hall (just search arhall0185) SonadowLover1015



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